Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Prepping 4 Peppers

3rd follow up to my posts on solo gardening. 

Two year old Green Bell Pepper Plant misshaped  & looking ruff but still alive and producing. All told I've harvested over a dozen bell peppers from this one plant generally averaging around the size of an orange.
I'll repot in a larger container for the winter. On days that are especially cloudy add a grow light. Right now this time of the year the Sun is lower and the trees still have enough leaves to block sunlight in this side window.

Hopefully we might even get a Winter harvest which would be a nice addition to the salad fixings that we are able grow in the cold frames.

Hearth and stove are dusty from remodeling not use even though we've had more than a few chilly nights. Later this week weather forecasters are predicting lows of 40 with rain. It will be nice to have a small fire in the evening to take the dampness out of the house.

This is the two Yellow Bell Peppers that I received from a barter this Spring (Plant Sale) that a former co-worker's mother started from seed. Got 4 good sized peppers which I used to make 9 pints of Zesty Salsa pg. 207 Ball Complete Book of Home PreservingCanned 8 pints left one in the fridge for hubby to snack on. Lasted two days which is a good sign that we approved of my canning efforts.

These warm cement steps belong to my next door neighbor who still receives sunshine on her front yard in the waning days of Summer.
When it's one of those wonderful sunny bright Autum afternoons I sit with her and we watch her granddaughter who is two as she thoroughly enjoys chalking up the city sidewalk a few feet away.

The line up on the top step on my neighbor's front porch just after the Sun was eclipsed by a city tree; Yellow Bell Peppers transferred to a larger pot, Italian Roasting Peppers, a Habanero Pepper plant from a coworker of Wood's, bright red peppers of made it into the Zesty Salsa, and the old timer of the bunch Green Bell Pepper plant.

They are all looking a bit wilted due to high somewhat dry winds we've had lately. Need to come up with a good liquid fertilizer for Winter Feeding.
Hopefully the grow light won't be too expensive to run.

~~ pelenaka ~~


  1. So, I am tempted to rip one of my yet to ripen habaneros out of the ground and pot it. Will it hate the transfer and up and die on me? What would Pelenaka do?

  2. Well Pelenaka, would just give you the 3 o4 Habaneros that she can't see using up before they go bad. Need any jalapenos ?

  3. What?! You can do this?! Pot up a pepper plant and bring it in all winter and keep it producing for multiple years?! Really?!

    ???? !!!!

    You are awesome! Thanks for the inspiration and the info. I love this idea! Oh my goodness I am so doing this. This brings a whole new dimension to the mantra "Reduce. Reuse. Recycle."

  4. Yuppers, apparently you can as long as you have plenty of warmth & sunlight.
    Best case outcome for me is that they produce in January but I'll be happy if they just thrive during the Winter then produce well come Summer.

    Thank you!


Thanks, good to know there are other's with this interest