Monday, February 6, 2012

Off Grid Microwave

Off Grid Microwave a.k.a. firebox on my Jotul 

It's been a crazy Winter this year.
Some days we wake up & realize that we can go without a fire in the stove for most of the day because its so warm out.
K, 50 degrees now is a heat way here in Buffalo. Come May not so much.
Last year when a warm day presented itself (late Spring) I use to just work up a small fire for coffee & oatmeal. Then hang out waiting for it to die down.
I won't leave a fire burning when I'm not home. Houses on my street are too close & too old.
Call it MOCS or Mrs. O'Leary's cow syndrome.

This year I realized that I could convert the firebox in my wood stove to an off grid microwave that accepts metal without sparking.
Water heats up in 3 minutes. I have coffee in less than 5.
After the coffee is done I place a small saucepan with lid in for oatmeal.
But it's really all about the coffee.

~~ pelenaka ~~