Wednesday, March 24, 2010

popo's slangin'

Another alternative method to shopping at Wally world or the mall is at Police auctions.
Call your local 5-0 & ask if they have a newsletter or website listing auction dates and requirements such as cash only.
The Buffalo Police Department's Bicycle Auction is scheduled for April 10, at their headquarters on Franklin st. Bidding starts at 9 a.m. but come early to check out the bikes.
Bikes can go for as little as a dolla to as much as a dead president.

Bring a bag that you can easily hang over your shoulder. Carry a water bottle, an old towel to spread on the ground in case there is no place to sit, & snacks.
Bring a few hand tools: adjustable pliers, Allen wrenches, needle nose pliers, and a tape measure in case your shopping for others. Don't forget the wet wipes since you know you'll be handling greasy bike chains. Note pad, something to write with so you can keep multi bid opps straight since after the first 50 bicycles one starts looking like the next.
Don't bid over your bicycle repair expertise unless you can barter for parts & repairs. It's no deal if you end up owing a repair shop what a new bike would have cost.

I hope to attend since my last baby's bike was snatched last Summer when her brother borrowed it. He left it leaning up against a friend's front porch. Daughter wasn't out any cash since it was gifted outta a dumpster a few years back.
She prefers not to be a regular on the shoe leather express now that the snowdrifts have melted.
Me, hope to score a few bikes that have baskets (new upwards of $40) to either sell or use in bartering. Children won't be caught dead with baskets on their bikes. Perhaps use some spare parts to build a bike trailer.
If your handy at repairs or have the touch for pimping out rides along with a spot to set up shop being the neighborhood bike repair shop could be a nice source of quiet $.
Be reasonable. These peeps are your neighbors.

~~ pelenaka ~~