Monday, June 27, 2011

Means to an End

Looking to justify my means to an end to decision to buy a lap top cooling pad with my accumulated $5 Amazon gift cards earned through Swagbucks.
First let me say that I am at once torn between feeling blessed that I had the funds in my Amazon account to pay for the cooling pad and yet upset that I wasn't purchasing something a bit more in the homestead vein.

Like a plow.
K, not a plow but a hoe.
K, not a hoe but something more ... or pantry items like that huge 8 lbs. box of powdered milk on Amazon's site I've been coveting so I could make Greek style yogurt.
Which we've been out of for a few weeks because I'm outta powdered milk.

K, that's not exactly true I have powdered milk but it's sealed up in big #10 cans (restaurant size) and it's for long term storage. Going without thick creamy yogurt during Strawberry season doesn't exactly fall under the category of SHTF (S_it hit the fan an expression u use when life smacks u down; job loss, flood, spouse leaving with rent $ ect.) scenario.

Unfortunetly with the warmer weather (read bathing suit season) on us pie sales have been down.

Flip side is that my lap top/ internet access allows me to be a better urban homesteader.
It's a tool that I use on a daily basis to get the job done. Study ways to improve my garden soil which puts food on the table learn how to preserve my harvest.
Research from more traditional routes or learning from fellow bloggers both urban and rural the world is my oyster.
I'm able to network & share information on gleaning & foraging, conduct bartering,
I dislike no I hate being without my own lap top just ask Woodsrunner.

So yeah I bought a lap top cooling pad on Amazon for $36 & change which left me with $4 and some copper.
No plow, no hoe, no boxed cow, but I did scored free shipping.

~~ pelenaka ~~