Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bringing Home the Bacon

Well not really 100% bacon but pretty close for free, SPAM with Bacon.

Let me backspace a bit.
I finally (actually took 15 days to redeem) got the $50 Amazon Gift posted to my Swagbucks account this morning. Yes, I actually got 50 clams, smackeroos, greenbacks, half a dead president for free. Well not free it did take some elbow grease on my part but compared to baking a pie to earn $ it was free.

So now that I had $63.99, $13.99 left over from last month's redemption of $25 worth of amazon gift cards I went grocery shopping on amazon.
Dairy & meat has for the most part been the two grocery categories that I have a hard time bartering for or obtaining for free so I am going to concentrate on those two.

SPAM with Bacon 12 oz. cans, pack of 6 for $14.88. Use the subscribe & save option knocking the price down by 15% = $12.65 / 6 tins or 18¢ per once or $2.10 each. Free shipping & handling. No coupon clipping. No driving to the store.
I set my delivery for every six months and ordered 12 cans.

~~ pelenaka ~~


  1. Great deal...if you like SPAM...I don't. My husband loves the stuff...he ate it in the Army a million years ago..I think it gives him good dreams...and gas.

  2. My hubby isn't very fond of SPAM either but in a pinch or for the rest of us it's a good shelf stable alternative. I've never actually tried the bacon version but have heard good things.

  3. I've never actually looked into Swagbucks, but am very impressed you can get such gift certificates! And I never thought to look at Amazon for food, LOL. I remember my dad talking about SPAM. He was a cook in the navy during WWII and they ate it so much he could never bring himself to eat another bite. Somehow I think you'll be more sensible with yours. :) Meat and dairy though, were good choices to focus on.

  4. It's it funny how our father's all seam to have that one food item they won't ever eat again because they HAD to in their youth? For my Dad who for a short time grew up on a chicken farm, he won't eat chicken. When we were children my mother would always fix him something different when she cooked a bird.

    Swagbucks has many different gift cards including CVS (can be redeemed @ any of the stores & JC Penny, there is also paypal, lowes. Kmart was just added. For a time there was also Target which would mean have bought dairy & meat.


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