Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cart Garden

Normally we set these containers potted with tomato plants in the driveway along the house to grow but this because of a city owned tree the shade factor has become insurmountable. Really needs to come down. Core is rotten but that's a blog post of a different topic.

Utilizing the garden cart to follow the Sun, which you can tell by the shadow is still shinning behind my house. And yes there's a hundred year old Maple there also blocking the sunlight only it's privately owned.
I pull the cart out in the morning and pull it back behind the house in the evening.

Haven't completely figured out security measures once the tomatoes start to ripen.  Any suggestions ?

4 Burpee Long Keepers hybrid, 2 heirlooms a Bloody Butcher, and a Yellow Pear my only one.

Can you find the rain barrel ? Look close you can just make out the spigot. Remember it's wrapped in the pretty factor.
Post holding the garden hose was a porch post from down the street discarded after a remodel.
A little cement, a little paint, a hose holder pulled from the trash, top it off with a solar garden light.

~~ pelenaka ~~