Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cooling Pad & Dual Flush Toliet

My cooling pad was delivered on the 1st, I hate to admit it but I should have ordered it weeks ago.
It's working like a charm.
And yes I do get an extra bit of pleasure knowing that it was free bought with swagbucks. Much like I enjoy my PB&J (free peanut butter bought with swagbucks).
Still I would have so much preferred to have bought white gold a.k.a. powdered milk.

Our new dual flush toilet has officially started paying for itself. The h02 bill came and it's 22 gallons less than our last quarterly bill. That's saying allot since there's teenagers in our household. While they do abide by the 5 minute shower rule, they tend to take two showers a day due to sports.

~~ pelenaka ~~