Friday, February 3, 2012

Free Food Friday

Groceries & Paper Goods bought with Swagbucks

Today was grocery deliver day from Amazon & a new to me website

My Amazon order which was completely free thank you very much Swagbucks was Skippy Peanut Butter, Natural Creamy, 15-Ounce Jars (Pack of 6) Choose the subscribe & save option (which you can cancel @ any time) total cost drops down to $15.83/6 jars or $2.63 per jar.
I'll have to can up more jelly if I keep scoring peanut butter deals like this.

To be truthful I had never heard of before becoming a swaggernauts (that's what u r called when you swagbuck).
The swagstore (where u can redeem all those swagbucks for good stuffs like gift cards), had a sale on gift cards. Yes, there are sales on gift cards in the swagstore.
Snagged myself a $5 paypal gift card the other day when it was discounted. is an online grocery store that also features the use of coupons.
You don't even need to hunt those down as the site already has them posted.
Order 6 or more items and shipping is free.
You all know I'm all about the free :-)

If you use my my referral link I get 3% of your purchases for a year.
You get a $10 sign up bonus when you buy $50 or more of groceries.
Use gift cards bought with Swagbucks and everything is free.

Take the money you would normally have spent on groceries and pay off a debt faster or put that $ into savings. Or like me just pay the mortgage and keep praying that an end is in sight.

Here's my shopping list 
Angel Soft Reg. Rolls 2 ply, unscented toilet paper - 1 pk. 24 rolls $9.65 (B-day gift for Mom).
Folgers Whole Bean Coffee, Lively Colombian, Med. Roast - 11 oz. bag $6.39.
Fiber Wise Elbow Macaroni, 16 oz. boxes (6) $2.31 each.
Bounty Paper Towels, 2 ply, Select a size, 8 roll pk. $10.25.
Glad Tall Kitchen bags, 13 gallon size, 1 box (80 bags).

The coffee I should have waited on an Amazon score. I really need to get my addiction under control.
Paper towels ... don't think too bad of me. I do use recycled bath towels for cleaning. And we use cloth napkins for everyday use. Paper towels last use forever as I only use them to drain grease off of foods.
Plastic garbage bags ... can I justify it by writing that we only use on bag a week because we recycle so much of our garbage.

This brand macaroni that I bought is a high fiber version - 12 gm. of dietary fiber.
Being diabetic having a plate full of regular pasta is a huge issue. By the end of the meal my blood sugar has spiked and I'm really sluggish.

Pasta as you all know is an easy & economical meal to put together especially if you have fresh or preserved garden veggies. Add meat or don't. Pair with a salad ... dinner is served.
Choose elbow over spaghetti because I still hope to make my own pasta and we love homemade mac & cheese.

I was a little disappointed that this site didn't have powdered milk or some of the other dry goods that I use to stock my pantry. But they do have a good selection of everything else.
The site is very straight forward, allows you make up a shopping list. Ordering and use of the gift cards was supper easy. Shipping & packing was good and as you can see cute to boot.

~~ pelenaka ~~