Friday, November 5, 2010

hacked ash shovel

This perforated ash shovel isn't an necessity but it is a nice hearth tool to have. After lusting for one last heating season hubby made me one out of our old ash shovel. He would have made it sooner but I wanted to wait until I could replace it with a new ash shovel so I could have both one with holes & one without to clean out the stove. Shopped both tag sales & retail stores - ended up buying new in early Summer when hearth accessories are clearanced, for $2.99 about a dollar more than the used ash shovel we bought @ a flea market.

The perforated ash shovel is nice to have when we have the wood stove fired up 24/7. Before our method of picking out the large embers was to put all the ash in the ash bucket then use old kitchen tongs to pick out the large embers throwing them back into the firebox to start a new fire. The tongs got hot quickly. Not to mention that all that handling of hot embers was a safety issue. And the CO2 detector enviably would alarm.

Thank you my husband.

~~ pelenaka ~~