Saturday, April 2, 2011

Just the facts ...

Thought I share with everyone our financial stats for the past year as it was pretty sobering to say the least. Flip side is that although we are below the poverty level we do lead a somewhat middle class life. What & where all those dead presidents have been spent on since February.

Reportable income a.k.a. husband's paycheck - $21,507.
My quiet money - $2,300.

Federal refund - $7,890.
State - $2,410.

1st, state refund belongs to hubby. It goes into the land fund. Portions have however gone to buy investments (guns). Once I realized that he has never lost money on his "hobby" my objections disappeared. $400 & something went for car repairs - wheel bearing, oil change, NYS inspection.

Federal belongs to me or the household. My first thought was to buy a new roof or a good portion of. Then I realized there was a few other things that needed to be taken care of.

Yearly Car Insurance - $368 for 2 drivers. Someone not me has a few tickets so this cost will decrease next year.

$1000 gift card (home repairs & improvements), Lowes was running a promotion where they would add 10% to the card.

Dental co-pays - ranging from $30 to the whopping $1,013 for my dental surgery & 4 courses of antibiotic therapy. One daughter needed two cavities filled $113.60. Apparently the coating that was applied over 7 years ago doesn't last forever. I need to babysit her oral hygiene routine. Mid month there will be another $300 for her work up from the orthodontist. Quote was $4,000 to $4,500. 10% down (me & hopefully the ex) & monthly payments (daughter). There is also an upcoming wisdom tooth extraction for her.

Clothing - bought 2 winter parkas for myself & 16 y.o. daughter. Along with Woods belated Christmas gift and long underwear $120.93. Scored free shipping, $10 gift card & upromise money.

Preparedness Supplies - bought $327 worth of mylar bags, O2 absorbers, Red Wheat berries & Oats #10 cans from LDS website. Also bought medical preparedness supplies last weekend spent $43.

I have also been paying the usual monthly bills such as mortgage out of the refund money as well as coupon shopping.
I also want to purchase a few more items that would fall under the preparedness category.
Still need to bulk buy beef, chicken, and pork.
Researched having daughter's orthodontic work preformed at a dental college in our city but her teeth aren't drastic enough so she'd be low on the waiting list. Then there is the transportation & scheduling factor. The dentist we are going with is within walking distance of her high school and they offer before school appointments.

Woods gives me $400 for household expenses.
The ex sends $100 to cover the costs of daughter's health insurance. While NYS does offer an alternative health insurance we prefer not to have the state in our business.

~~ pelenaka ~~