Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bitter Lesson

Quick post as I'm sitting in a Starbucks cafe @ a Border's bookstore on the far side of Rochester.

Battery level on my lap top is @ 43%, despite all the trappings of wealth here there isn't an outlet to be had. Not to mention I have been milking this over priced cup of coffee long enough.

Garden update; Well add to the list of produce that is a bust this year - celery. It's bitter really really bitter or rather strong. Way way too strong. DH said I should have blanched it. I grew this variety before Summer Pascal didn't blanch it without an issue.

Besides the celery my pitiful Green Bell Peppers that have finally matured enough to pick are also extremely bitter. Same reason for both (our freaky Summer weather)?

Whatever the reason I'm still SOL as I finished off the last of my dehydrated celery 3 months ago. I was counting on this crop to last me for the next 2 years.

Really brings home the reality that was our ancestors not to long ago. If it wasn't grown or harvested then it didn't exist. As simple as that.

First it was a devastating tomato harvest, then a poor fruit crop, now my peppers & celery.

I'm out here in Pittsford snagging some semi free (spent $1.98 on coffee) WIFI after picking apples @ my brother's. Was only able to snag less than a bushel of yellow apples. I had plans to barter a bushel of apples to my bb for a bag of powdered milk in lieu of gas $. Unfortunately much like everyone I have spoken to his fruit harvest was also pitiful.

Really looking not to pay retail for fresh apples. We are completely out of home canned applesauce. Canning hasn't gone well to say the least. I have been scrambling to find free/cheap produce to can.

Slowly enjoying not having a land line. Monthly phone bill is down by $40.

Did receive a special offer from Verizon to reestablish the land line (w/DSL). It was a difference of all most $50. When I called on it I told them that if they had offered my that package to begin with then I would never had switched over. Reminded them I had been a customer for 10 years ... blah blah blah.

Jerks. I bet they only offer that package 3 mos. after the big switch.

Really really hate not having Internet access @ home. It bites big time which is why I haven't posted in a while. As soon as hunting & canning season die down we are gonna research wireless Internet plans again. The air card from Cricket really blew. Snail mail was quicker.

Since I'm new to this whole WIFI I find it very interesting how it can vary. Our local library is slow. The collage fast. Borders lighting fast.

Going back to our visit to Lehman's in August. Sorry about not posting the pics it took in their store. Unfortunately it cost $ to email the pics off the cell phone. Yeah I'm that broke so here's a quick take on what was interesting to me.

1) off all the grain grinder that were on display the best was their most expensive one a.k.a. over a grand. Ground grain with a touch of my pinkie.

2) The hand cranked washer commonly known as a James washer - flimsy.

3) I think that they hire young girls to wander the store in Amish attire. Seriously why would a couple of teenagers out in town for the afternoon wander around a store full of stuffs that they can find in their own home ?

Bought a huge lid for my backitup cast iron pan, a manual for my steam juicer, and a few bags of speciality popcorn @ the request of my daughters. If your in the neighborhood do visit.

K, getting the boot from a Starbucks drone.

I've worn out my welcome.

~~ pelenaka ~~