Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Homestead Valentine Gift

In my younger days I always expected the more traditional Valentine's Day gifts from a beau. Roses, candy, a good meal more if it was a serious relationship. I was a different senorita then ... I wouldn't have appreciated the man I am married to now.

Soap Stone bed warmer with a metal spring handle,
Take me to Bed ... I Will Keep You Warm.

We ran across this soap stone bed warmer on our last trip to our favorite mercantile but @ the time I was way too short on cash to snatch it up. Woods, being the ever observant homesteader mate that he is later went back. Of course there was a reason why he was discouraging when I asked him to buy the stone then.

The stone is heated on a trivet on the stove just enough but not so hot that I can't handle it. Depending on whether I'm just chilling in the living room then I wrap the stone in a towel to rest my cold toes on.
Bedtime application - start @ the head of the bed lying the stone down on both top & bottom sheets but underneath blankets. Slowly make your way down to the foot of the bed. Wrap the stone in a thick towel & place it under all the covers with you.
Quickly climb into bed & enjoy.

Food Warmer - Heat to almost hot, place stone on a thickly folded towel placed on table. Place pot of food on stone to maintain warm temps.

Summer use - chill stone well, place on thickly folded towel on table. Place cold salads such as potato on top to help maintain cold temps. Or use in a cooler as an ice pack.

This technique could also be used for personal cooling comfort either placing a stone behind you in the small of your back or simply kicking off sandals & placing bare feet on a hot Summer day.

Thank you my husband I love my stone.

~~ pelenaka ~~