Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Greased the budget

Greased the budget a.k.a. free food.
I've been doing the swagbucks like crazy so I could convert them into free Amazon gift cards. My big plan was to use the accumulated gift cards for gift giving and other items that are on our wish list.
Then I found the manger's section on about the same time that I realized I only had half a container of lard and had an up coming pie orders. Did I mention my pocketbook is empty ?
Not to mention what's a Puerto Rican cook with out a supply of manteca.
Amazon charged $1.03 per pound for 15 pounds, no s&h. 6 tubs of lard Armour brand, made in the U.S.A.
No, it's not organic. USDA inspected for all that's worth.
I didn't have to rearrange our schedule so I could snag the family car, nor convince a gf to tag along out to the store to grab this deal. Actually I know that this deal isn't out @ my local grocery stores so that's a mute point.
I'm unsure about the carbon foot print of ordering food online other than the fact I didn't have to commute to purchase the lard. The lard after all is shipped to the store where I would then have to drive over to buy it.
Entire order was packaged in recyclable materials which have made their way to the recycle bin already.
Anyone care to give me the low down on this ?

Expiration date or the best by date is listed as Sep 28 2012.
However after researching on the website StillTasty the lard has an extra year of shelf life. Good to know because other than pie crusts, and making refried beans I don't really use allot of lard in our everyday cooking. Like I wrote, I'm Puerto Rican and we tend to suffer from high cholesterol.

I'm happy about dropping my cost per pie down due to the free lard. Add in the deal I got on Gold Metal flour for $1 per 5 lbs. bag, I think on fruit pies at least I've got the cost to around $1.50. That depends of course on  if I was able to can pie filling for cheap. I really need to do a price point calculation on my pies.

The other half of my order arrives in a few days.

Don't ya just love free food ?

~~ pelenaka ~~