Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yo Pepe Le Pew

For the last few months my hood has been battling a skunk problem that was more of a annoyance personally for us. Then it became personal once I planted my raised beds as the skunks started digging up plants. Now it's become a combination of personal safety, inhibiting our use of our city lot, and to an extent food terrorism.
The skunks are everywhere. They are in the driveway preventing us from coming & going. They sit out on the city sidewalk halting the shoe leather express which has greatly curbed our neighborhood's favorite past time porch visiting. Yesterday I had to hang wet laundry inside instead of my clothesline.
We weren't able to sit out on the patio enjoying a cold beer.
There destruction of our garden equals taking food out of our mouths.

Urban skunks unlike rural have no fear. They will tread on by within a few feet of us on their way to their den or a water source. You could if your brave enough sit on my glider on my patio in the back yard and when one meanders by, reach out and pet it's head.

This is a pic I took when I went out to hang laundry on the line. The clothes line/swing set is the 6x6 post you see directly behind that black pot. The raised bed is actually on the neighbor's property. It holds 2 y.o. Red Raspberry shrubs, flats of potted strawberries and violets, along with Shasta Daisies to be used for bartering or selling.
I'm oh about 8 feet away. I had the camera in my apron pocket so I could snap a few pics after pinning hubby unders to the line.

Needless to say the clothes were hung on the enclosed front porch.

~~ pelenaka ~~