Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Throne

Remember how I was complaining about the gods realizing I have moolah. Well lets just say that while I didn't quite out smart them I did give them a run for the money.
Our one & only not counting a flush camping toilet, broke, started leaking.
Not out any money on that john because I had picked that one up curb shopping in an upscale hood about 8 years ago. The lady of the manor actually came running out of her home waving & shouting that there was nothing wrong with the toilet. She was just changing the color of the powder room in the pool house. Yes, apparently Buffalo has homes with pool houses. Go figure.

So I go down to Lowes with my trusty gift card that I purchased back in April read post on fiances & score a deal on the last in stock dual flush commodes by American Standard For $198. On the website it's listed for $398, really ?
But it gets better since Lowes had run a promotional adding an extra $100 to the gift card so the new crapper actually cost just $100 (adding in transportation cost & a new supply hose). 
Hubby gave his lovely assistant a.k.a. dd #2 a lesson in installing a toilet.

New throne uses just .8 gallon per flush for #1 & 1.6 gallons per flush for #2/solid matter.
Good maybe we'll see a cost savings in the water bill.

Back in the day I use to keep cash in envelopes earmarked for unexpected expenses such as this. Gift cards are really an improvement since I'm not tempted to "barrow money" from an envelope.

K, enough gloating the gods are listening I'm sure.

~~ pelenaka ~~