Friday, January 6, 2012

Resolutions my Ghetto Amish A**

Resolution # 1- grow vegetables like a drug dealer.
I'm really serious about this, been thinking about it for a few months. Seems like there isn't a week that goes by that there isn't a news story about a grow house raided by a local police task force or in combination with DEA MIB. Doesn't really seem to matter if it's rural or urban.
These ganga growers have a green thumb I'd love to emulate ... legally ... let me clarify legally & in an off grid method. I can only imagine the overhead (electric bill). Could you imagine having premo peaches in Winter ?

Resolution #1a - Cold weather gardening - who knows maybe one cold Winter day I just maybe able to steam up some Broccoli fresh from the backyard.

Resolution #1b - Vertical gardening. There has just got to be more gardening space that I haven't found.

Resolution #2 - Eat healthy as if $ was no object.
K, I had to put down my coffee before I electrocute myself with my lap top. Like that can really happen. Yeah I think it can with careful shopping (Swagbucks & Amazon) & more effort put into bartering, foraging, gardening, & gleaning.
What I want is to increase the amount of our pantry style cooking (eat what you store-store what you eat), but make healthy food choices as it pertains to us (diabetics).
I also want in increase the amount of whole grains we eat not just whole grain pasta or whole wheat bread as we've been doing. I want to have whole grain pie crusts & cakes.
I've been eyeing this book No More Bricks! Successful Whole Grain Bread Made Quick & Easy Great reviews posted on amazon, would love to chat with anyone who owns a copy.

Resolution #3 - Walk the talk when it come to DIY solar projects (solar room heaters). I have been saying we are installing one for what two years now. Someone needs to be slapped ...

Resolution #4 - Camp, specially bike camp or more specific bicycle touring/camping. It's the next stage up from my usual everyday urban bike commuting that I do. There's some challenges we have to over come but I can so see Woodsrunner & I on a tandem recumbent bike heading out of the city to do a weekend of survival camping. I should say that it's not a shared vision @ this time.

Resolution #5 - Go old school more. Learn or in some cases prefect our homesteading skills. Sewing is one (I actually was gifted a treadle). I have two black trash bags full of clothes that I want to upcycle into shopping bags, camping gear, clothing, biking & gardening stuffs. I also want to learn to make whole wheat pasta.

Resolution #6 - Finish our old house. There are just way too many DIY projects that we have either talked about or started that need to be finished. Everything from restoring the remaining woodwork to the a new metal roof on the main portion of the house. There is also a wall & door that needs to be re-installed (early 1980's remodel why would you take away a bedroom, why?).
Our time table to stay here in the city has been extended due to the Great Recession. Not so much Woods recent unemployment but more due to the housing market.
Seems we are surrounded by foreclosed homes.

Resolution #7 - Enjoy my life ... enjoy my husband ... enjoy my children ... enjoy.

Resolution #7a - Be a better Presbyterian = be a better person. Gonna need prayers on that one.

~~ pelenaka ~~