Thursday, August 18, 2011

Solo Gardening Update

Remember my brilliant idea solo gardening ?  Having just one very well established plant of each vegetable that I could grow into a mega plant. Concentrate my efforts & resources on just one well established plant. Above is a pic of the two plants that over Wintered @ my Mom's apartment an Eggplant on the left & a Green Bell Pepper plant on the right. Only the Pepper plant survived, Seymour. A bit unique looking but @ least it made it.

Not only did it survive but it's producing !  

All together there are over 7 peppers in various stages of growing along with numerous blossoms. Not exactly the biggest Bell Peppers I have ever seen but I'll work on that for next year.
I'll re-pot in a larger container & place this plant next to the wood stove for the Winter. Maybe I'll even have fresh peppers in February.

I took this pick when the plant was in the back yard. Currently with the late Summer sun pattern Seymour the pepper plant is now living in the front yard and occasionally makes it's way out to the neighbor's front yard where the Sun is the strongest.  Unlike the tomatoes that are thriving in the garden cart and now need two people to push them into direct sunlight Seymour is easily toted around.

I can see me needing a movers dolly to garden in the coming years !

~~ pelenaka ~~


  1. Last year I helped a friend set up a container garden for her deck in the city. One idea I tried out, that seemed to work, was using reusable shopping bags as containers (the kind that's already made out of recycled material). It was great for potatoes, and had handles on for moving them about. I'm sure you could make them yourself, I just happened to have a bunch of extras that were freebees along the way.

  2. That is a great idea I'll have to use it next gardening season.
    A few years ago downtown was landscaped and I was able to pick up dozens of 3 & 5 gallon pots.
    I also have a houseplant container with a matching drip tray that I bought years ago @ a tag sale.
    How did the garden go last year?

  3. I just love how you name your plants! :D Grow Seymour grow! I think I'll try that with the peppers this year. Dig'em up and over-winter them since they take so stinkin' long to mature and start producing when they're started from seed! Call me crazy, I started a few more pepper seeds a few weeks ago. Maybe I'll just use those to over winter...(I'm just typing out loud at this point... )

  4. I'll have to do a post on the houseplants a.k.a. Peppers @ last count it's up to 3 now.


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