2009 Urban Pantry Challenge

This page is dedicated to our 2009 Pantry challenge, a summary of our efforts. With a bit of planning, luck and a good gallon of elbow grease we were able to come up with a working grocery budge that was comfortable for us. 
Do I feel that we could have a repeat ? Doubtful for just one dead president. But I do think that it can still be done for well under $200 per month without using swagbucks
With ... I really think it could be under $50 per month. I suppose then for 2011-2012 I have a new pantry challenge not as low tech as traditional homesteading methods that I also use but that's okay because I am an ever evolving urban homesteader. 

~~ pelenaka ~~
September 2011

The average American family spend upwards of $800 a month on groceries.
Pantry challenge is our effort to put into practice that time honored homesteading tradition of living off the pantry - only with an urban twist. Here's to hunting down great deals be it a vacant city lot, trading on a street corner, local farmer's market, or our own back yard garden.
Goal is to put good wholesome natural food on the table for $100 a month.
Bring it on!


  • Almond Flavored Crushed Cherries 9 pts.
  • Applesauce 13 pts.
  • Beef Broth 4 pts.
  • Cherry Jelly (Splenda) 7 jelly jars
  • Concord Grape Juice 3 qts.
  • Green Beans 18 pints
  • Mulberry Jelly 7 jelly jars 1 pt.
  • Peaches in extra light syrup 8 qts.
  • Pears in extra light syrup 7 qts.
  • Pickled Onions 5 pts.
  • Red Currant Jelly 4 pts.
  • Rhubarb BBQ Sauce 6 pts.
  • Sunshine Rhubarb Juice 5 pts.
  • Sweet Corn 14 jelly jars


  • December $103.98
  • November $81.16
  • October $54.59
  • September $129.72
  • August $107.14
  • July $102.53
  • June $141.85
  • May $186.78
  • April $169.51
  • March $249.33u
  • Febuary $136.74
  • January $152.56

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