Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Free is good

This is a volunteer tomato plant that just sprung up in the back of the celery bed perhaps from restaurant compost findings. Don't remember planting anything that resembles or tastes like this tom. Last year there was zukes here or cukes, or no wait it was actually celeriac bought under the impression it was celery.
I really should appoint a child as my garden book keeper.
Seed saving as it is a pretty tasty and very hardy variety. Doubt it's an heirloom.
Directly in front of the fence is my 2 or 3 y.o. rhubarb plants. Scattered amongst the veggies are marigolds and nasturtiums for bug control.

The Right Tool for the Right Job

This is my non-electric multi use table saw.
With a variety of attachments this one man operation can saw, sand, sharpen, polish, grind, and paint a wide assortment of projects that fill any woman's honey-do list.
Regular general care includes but not limited to back rubs, foot rubs, sweet nothings, and good meals served with a kiss.
Thank you my husband, you are my blessing.
~~ pelenaka ~~

Off to the side @ a tag sale

behind more than a few piles of books and boxes was an old cider press. The press screw frozen in place, wooden portions badly rotted but for the most part complete.
If the price was right might @ the very least might make a cute garden ornament. Besides I have faith in my can do man.
So long story short I piled it into my purse sized car last fall.
After about a week of daily fiddling with it the screw began turning. He's good, very very good.
Now almost a year later it's no garden decoration !
The frame is laminated fir, painted with krylon oil based enamel. Strong yet less weight than the original design. The metal portions scrubbed, sanded, and painted with H2O also by krylon.
Basket & both trays are oak, hand rubbed with food grade oil. The bands on the basket are aluminum with stainless steel fasteners. Unable to reuse the original bands too far gone.
The pressing plate is made from food grade cutting board.
Basket holds 1/2 bushel of chopped fruit. Simply line the basket with a loose weave cotton cloth boiled for 10 minutes then place coarsely chopped apples in. Sit a pitcher underneath the tray for a just reward of fresh apple cider.
1st $300 takes it in time for apple picking season here in Western New York.

Garden Harvest for an August Dinner

Can't beat this simple tomato salad with a stick for organic freshness ... well you could but then it would be sauce instead of a salad.
Grew everything but that red onion.
Pictured in the bowl is heirloom Yellow Pear Tomatoes sliced length wise. Small white bowl is more pears along with every one's favorite Bloody Butcher, an early salad variety.
Simple easy table prepared salad mixing in finely chopped celery, red onion, and fresh basil. Sprinkle a dash of garlic powder, then taste with a pinch of salt. Top with your favorite dressing or leave plain. This tom is a keeper sweet & mellow cherry type - will plant @ least 3 for a bigger harvest.