Monday, August 8, 2011

50¢ Kindle Cover

 Few months ago Hubby & my oldest daughter pitched in together to get me a kindle. Apprently I had mentioned a few times how a friend had one. Hadn't really realized that I had but Woodsrunner is really good @ picking out a gift for people because he listens & observes. Yeah I know unique & a bit scary.

He was right of course because I love my Kindle.
I can sit in my kitchen or on my couch, or out on the patio and wander through the biggest book store in the world. Granted not every title is in Kindle format but enough to keep me busy. I can use the extremely helpful sample feature to actually read sample portion of the book.

Another great thing about Kindle is Amazon's free Kindle section on their website. I had to look around but one of the free books I found pretty appropriate in our current economic times.  Ever feel like your doing battle when it comes to cooking on a budget ?

Here's my no sew, re-purposed, stylish suede combination Kindle/notepad/pen holder bought @ a tag sale for 50¢ but I used my soda can $ which make it's free.
Don't under estimate the power of empty soda cans & bottles paired up with second hand sales. 

The leather shoe lace & beige beads I had scavenged off of other items found in my sewing stash. I think that both came from my son's day as a Boy Scout. I was hoping to find a closure from an old purse but no luck for now this works.

Hard to see but since I wasn't in a sewing mood I just attached the leather lace with a tiny gold toned safety pin, scavenged off of who knows what and tossed into my sewing box.

Self adhesive hook & loop squares came in to the home in a box of stuffs passed on by an acquaintance.
The note pad came from my insurance agent who was moving her office from one downtown building to another and had a box of office supplies she wanted gone.
Pen is a gift from our gun smith.

~~ pelenaka ~~