Thursday, July 21, 2011

Judging a Book by it's Wish List

Sitting here in my new living room sipping on coffee doing my online stuffs like checking my blog, local news which really means weather (rain please rain) and my swagbucks account.
Opened my gift cards section & find that I had a $5 Amazon gift card waiting on me. My 4th for this month. I'm about 93 swag bucks from my next & final $5 denomination (your only allowed five of any one denomination so five of $5, five of $10 ect.)

Logged on to Amazon to apply the gift card to my account and up pops Amazon's suggestions based on my shopping habits. A la personal shopper.
So as I peruse over the suggestions I start to think what if someone else could look over my virtual cart so to speak. Similar to when your stuck in line @ the grocery store and u check out what the person next to u is buying. Then of course u make judgments or observations. Well I do.
Really your buying how much soda and it's not diet ... or hmm I wonder how she cooks that chard ? Wish I could afford steak.

So what does Amazon's suggestions say about me pelenaka, an urban homesteader fugal to a fault? What does it say about me the atypical unemployed middle age married woman with almost grown children living below 30k ?

They believe me to be a cycling enthusiast which I kinda am. If u count my mass produced cruiser style urban bike as a valid Tour de France ride. No you won't see Lance Armstrong pedaling this white wall tire built for comfort pink bike. If u do and it has a coffee travel mug holder call popo I've been robbed.

Amazon apparently knows that I'm into home food preservation since I wander around the canning cook book section @ least once a week. Other suggestions based on my window shopping show that  I am interested in preparedness training, hunting, and intensive gardening heirloom version. Based on my wandering their also think I can knit well which I can't.

So my wish list has taken on a life of it's own since Amazon seems to sell just about everything except ammo. Who knew ... my original  plan was to stock the pantry for free or score a few much needed homesteading tools.

To better organize my Wish List I've separated it into 3 categories.

  1. Short term/too good a deal to pass on, this category is mainly food items that are deeply discounted in addition to Amazon's normal prices. The Amour Lard is a good example.
  2. Mid-term or snag be4 Fall/Winter - cleats for my boots so I don't fall on icy sidewalks, hunting clothing & gear, long term freeze dried food in #10 cans, extra water filters for the set up hubby built .
  3. Long term - items that I wish I had like a bicycle cargo trailer or gamma lids for our long term food storage. There is also a portable solar set up the base camp model from goal0 that I am lusting over. 

Sometimes items that I place in one category are bumped up to another or demoted to the last or completed deleted. An air horn rated at over a 100 decibels for my bicycle is one. Originally that product started out in the long term wish list column, but I've been in a few bike vs. car altercations lately due to texting (them not me texting is extra on our cell plan) and road construction.  My bike bell just isn't cutting it and now with hot weather no one drives with their car windows down so I can't just curse them out.
And of course every time I go out and end up needing to carry more home than my three bike baskets will hold I pine for that cargo trailer. Yeah I know I could buy one of those child bike trailers but it wouldn't match my bike (that for another post - the responsibility of looking good one has when u bike because people can see u when u wear a ratty bathrobe to go to the drive threw ATM on a bike).

Woodsrunner, mentioned building me one but the project is far down on the honey do list. Besides I really need to get our long term food stores increased.

If I had a cargo trailer in my virtual shopping cart would u judge me to be a someone who is concerned about her carbon foot print or one who just needs to lug more stuffs home like diet soda & chard ?

~~ pelenaka ~~