Thursday, June 16, 2011

Free Fishing

Here's a link to the Department of Environmental Conservation New York State website.
Scroll half way down for the complete information on free fishing in New York State on Saturday and Sunday, June 25 & 26.

No license required.
No need to have paper.
No hiding in the bushes when you see the DEC officer wandering along the shoreline clipboard in hand. Or my all time fav watching Dad after Dad throw their pole @ a child fishing next to them anytime an official looking person hikes by.

Snag a pole either from the back of the closet or a friend, grab a bucket or to (one for sitting) pack a lunch, head on out to some of our great state's fishing holes.
You could even go old school, unlace your sneakers, rig a hook from a safety pin and do a McGyver.

Leave the cell on vibrate, ditch the ipods.
Don't forget bait  & bug spray.
Be prepared to make a memory.

~~ pelenaka ~~