Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mock Sausage

With the recent economic climate being what it as well as our own down turn in I've step up to the plate by putting into practice some of the $ saving ideas I keep book marking on my lap top.
For lunch today I am making the Mock Sausage recipe from the book, Everyday Foods in War Time by Mary Swartz Rose that I downloaded to my Kindle for free. 

Changed the recipe by adding minced garlic, finely diced onion, sage, & whole fennel seeds. The garlic & sage I added to both the cooking water for the beans and in the final dish. Also instead of using lima beans I substituted lentils because I had prepped them in abundance a few years ago before I realized that we don't particularly care for lentils. I also added the whole beaten egg to the lentils directly rather than using the egg for dipping. I should have mashed the beans up more thoroughly next time I'll run them threw the electric mixer or a sieve as the directions told me to. Using a table fork wasn't the way to go.

I think that frying the Mock Sausage in lard helped with the illusion of this being a breakfast sausage. All total I only used a tablespoon of lard ( my free lard ).
It certainly resembles sausage and according to my teenage daughter it smelled like it. Next time I will go a bit heavier with the herbs & seasonings and use the given amount of salt that was called for in the recipe.
Also I will try making this with powdered eggs.

Not bad all in all especially since we haven't been able to afford breakfast sausage in a month of Sundays.

Now of course I'm wondering if I can make an Italian Mock Sausage for pasta night.

~~ pelenaka ~~