Saturday, September 5, 2009

Unexpected Flower Gardener

After our hike down to the Genesee River Gorge in the Maplewood section of Rochester my daughter & went over to High Falls to do the free self guided walking tour which showcases all the great old buildings like the Trolly Barn. While wandering around this historic neighborhood we met Jorge who was tending to his flower bed behind his salon on State Street across from Kodak's corporate office.
His flower garden is a foot wide and eighty feet long against an old brick factory building that borders an alley. Great use of space & composition.
We didn't discuss if he was a true guerrilla gardener since after all he was watering in broad daylight, instead he gave us the run down on his hood both past and the proposed future renovation plans for lofts.
On the corner of Factory and State had originally been a hotel now shops & apartments. One of it's most note able occupants was a gal named Bicycle Annie.
One has to smile, I mean you can't have a truly historic city within a city without a few advent guard characters right?