Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stacking the deals

Last month I ordered some items from YaySave for a few reasons even though I am generally not an online shopper for household & personal care products. Mainly because there are ever any good deals on items I actually use like vinegar or borax.

Normally I barter for these but my gf, the coupon queen is moving out of the city.. While it won't be impossible to barter with her @ her new digs it won't be convenient nor economical. Can u believe the price of gas now ?

Deal is that if I access the YaySave website thru Swagbucks I could get free shipping & 450 Swag Bucks which can be redeemed for a $5 Amazon gift card for ordering $45 worth of products. Yes, I know I automatically thought geez I bet all they carry is air freshener or hair products.
They do. But they also carry quite a few items that we do use.

Here's what I bought from YaySave -

Ajax dish soap 16 oz. bottles Lime with Bleach alternative, 97¢ each - 18 bottles.
Purrel Hand sanitizer with cleansing wipes, $4.80 each (3 pack) - 2 (keeping family healthy priceless).
Ivory bar soap - 3 pack for 99¢ - bought 24 packs (making laundry soap)

Disclaimer - yes I do know how to make plain laundry soap with store bought veggie shortening & lye. I even know how & have rendered lard. To be truthful I have yet to make lye although I do know how.
I just felt that @ these prices buying was the better deal. Oh I should also say that I have done dishes with Ivory soap - use a vinegar rinse.
K, now we are all set on cleaning dirty clothes & dishes, not to mention removing heebiejeebies on our hands.

Debating on another order. Thinking along the lines of toilet paper.
No I won't discuss homemade reusable personal cleaning wipes in daily applications. Apparently I'm just not that fugal.

I've got $45 sitting in my Amazon account a.k.a. my Birthday/Christmas/Emergency fund just by using Swag bucks website. It's for real and it's no skin off my back using it as a search engine or watching the video clips while I do kitchen chores, knit, or read.
I've even taken a few surveys.
I doubted my barter buddy gf for months until she showed me a book that she ordered free from Amazon using her Swagbucks. There's also a referral earning program.

Search & Win

~~ pelenaka ~~