Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rain drops, collection, and solar pumps

Thumbing through the recently delivered All You magazine before I give it to my gf the coupon queen. On page 15 @ the bottom under the magazines giveaways section is a product that me the every "green consumer" that I am yeah ... k, call me what I am a cheap broad, caught my eye.

It's called Rain Perfect Solar Powered Pump System that attaches to your rain barrels so you can water your plants using a hose instead of a watering can or gravity fed irrigation system. All You mag gave it a $139 value but on sites that the manufacturer lists it's retailing closer to $150.
I can't help but think that this product could easily adapt to other uses where water needs to be moved from one location to another. I wonder how far this pump would be able to pump water threw a hose. I'm thinking more along the lines of pumping water to the second floor of my home into the bathroom.
Or as a prep tool.

As much as I sometimes dislike having to water my garden by hand (watering can) I do appreciate the fact that it makes me slow down and spend time in the garden. That said I am so thankful for the good solid rainfall that we got late last night. Garden was parched and all of the rain barrels were dry. Except for the two that have gold fish of course.

Today I'm gonna take those cat litter jugs I get from the neighbor and fill them with rain water for later use. This week we 're suppose to have more rain I'm sure that some August I'll be praying for drops.

If anyone has seen this product in action please give me a review either in the comment section or by email @