Sunday, March 29, 2009

Generating Bartering Opps

3/31/09 - This picture has to do with bartering in a round about way. It's my most recent bartering example. Bare with me we have to cross the street and head over a few blocks toward the corner store before we get to the destination.
The day before I snapped this pic my bbgf gave a shout out that she had some donated food.
It's food that makes it's way outta a mega mart then down to a church org before ending up with another person who then sends what's left toward my bbgf. By then it's pretty well expired and more than spoiled. What you see here is fancy Batard Bread that was just soft enough not to need a saw to slice it. After a few days in the dehydrator I ended up with two half gallon mason jars of dried bread suitable for stuffing. Should go well with Sunday dinner baked chicken.
Also dehydrated was a quarts worth of parsley from the same score as the donated bread. I vacuum sealed that up in a mason jar to go back to my bbgf. She is pressed for time what with having a zillion children & that she home schools.
So here's the short cut - since she cut me in on this score my barter was labor/skill/equipment (dehydrated parsley packaged for long term storage).

Below is my orginal post ...

On my last post a frequent visitor Patrice Farmer, asked about how I found my bb or barter buddy as we call ourselves. While my most frequent and reliable partner in bartering was found by a chance conversation while I was inspecting a piano she was freecycling I have since worked out a simple system to grown my own personal bartering network. A combination of old fashioned techniques coupled with modern aged cutting edge sophistication practiced in the urban environment.

Yeah, just ask baby.
Simple huh?
No? Actually it isn't as for every 10 people that I approach with a bartering prop only usually 3 or 4 are interested - of that percentage 1 pans out maybe. But that one can often lead to more as they tell a friend who tells a friend that they traded sugar for fresh eggs or one set of skills for another.
Here's a no none sense direct conversation to start you off in a face to face scenario.
"I do allot of trading or bartering with many people in the community. Coworkers, neighbors, people like us. If you interested here's one of my cards perhaps we could do some business".
If your doing a ftf hand out one of those pre made index cards listing items that you have to offer and the items that you need with your contact info.
Keep these handy as you never know when a bartering opp passes before you.

Get your word out on the net. The more you advertise ...
Craig's list has a bartering section post a want and give.
Yahoo groups - if your area doesn't have one consider starting a local bartering group for your city.
Church bulletins - if the Pastor's not keen on it ask if you can leave a few index cards.
Home schoolers - these peeps already think outside the box and tend to be your target audience in that they are eco friendly frugal parents who value a good score. Think about all that school curriculum that they have to buy.

Create your own bartering opps event such as a clothes bartering party. Instead of selling cosmetics or plastic dishes bring all your unused clothes and a snack to pass and trade until you can't trade any more. Reserve a room @ your local community center and open it up to everyone you know.
Belong to a Mommies group? Booster club? Civic org?
Trade outgrown children's clothes, maternity ware, toys, really endless. Take this concept and run with it. Items such as sport gear, gardening items, & office attire.

Hopefully in our current economic climate more people will consider bartering with more than a passing interest.

~~ pelenaka ~~