Monday, June 13, 2011

Making Green

Quick update on my efforts to generate a limited cash flow growing money.
If I'm just counting coin & not the barter goods I made from my plants then I made $32.
Sold $12 @ yard sale that I piggy backed on to which was held @ my gf's the coupon queen front yard. Her home is on a busy city corner so I was hoping to I'd get enough foot traffic to sell out.

Did enjoy hanging out, meeting new people in her neighborhood & catching up with fellow urbanites that I hadn't seen in a while. I also sat on her front porch playing online games for swagbucks        (free groceries) and perhaps got a referral by emailing one of the ladies who was shopping @ the yard sale. She was interested when I told her that I got free food of of Amazon and really perked up when I mentioned that Amazon also sells diapers. She was holding a 9 month old who was all boy.

Sold $20 worth of veggie plants to a gf which will go to buy rabbit feed. I think there might even be a Tractor Supply coupon/discount going on for 20%.
Every little bit helps as the price of feed has gone up this past year.

Here's what I spent for gardening 2011 - $9 for organic bone meal, and discounted French Marigolds. $3.25 for a pack of seeds (yeah I know pricey huh read my growing money post & u'll see why) and 3 big bags of potting soil which were $3.50 each ... Let say an even $25 and I still need to buy a another flat of marigolds for bug control.

Best case scenario is that I break even and start this years garden with a clean slate no debt.
That every tomato & green bean or cucumber is pure profit. 
But then again I'm already ahead if I count in the bartering (groceries) I got from bartering plants.

Thank you God, I'll stop complaining now.

~~ pelenaka ~~