Sunday, September 12, 2010

As American as

When my Mommie saw this photo she remarked," Usted tiene un selector de América Apple ".
No Mommie I have a good friend who happens to be an American read white, that picks apples.
This is my brother's Apple tree next to his house in a very upper middle class neighborhood far far away from where I live.
I won't dell on the fact that he has a corner lot with an ungodly amount of Sunshine on a daily basis.
My brother grows mostly lawn and a few shrubs besides this fruit tree.
This will be the last harvest from this Granny Smith (?) tree. The inner core is rotten & as of last week a good sized limb broke off. It really isn't very stable. The Americana shouldn't be up there.
Later this fall hubby will stop by with his chainsaw and our daughters. I have a few years to convince my suburbanite brother to go in on a pig with me. Then we can smoke us some hams.
Between the two of us we picked about 7 bushels of organic Apples.
I keept about 4, bbgf got the rest since it was her ride that we used to go pick.

Thank you to the person who planted this tree in the early 1970's. I have enjoyed the last 4 harvests.
You have provided me with Mint Apple jelly, Apple Butter, Applesauce, Pie Filling, and have been a contributor to our homemade cider. I unlike my brother will miss you.

Prepping on my electric stove @ 0148 raining pitchforks & paino stools

It took myself & two daughters along with a hand cranked apple peeler to work up a bushel of apples into pie filling. 100% organic never been cared for apples have allot of blemishes that need to be cut out. I believe a bushel should give me over 15 quarts of pie filling. I'll know tomorrow after service when I plan to can this batch up. Used tapioca instead of clear gel or cornstarch.

Look like cocktail franks huh?

Nothing goes to waste. Apple cores are being dehydrated for rabbit treats later this Winter.
I plan on bartering my fresh baked Apple pies made with organic apples this Winter.

~~ pelenaka ~~