Monday, May 9, 2011

Yo Mama

This was my Mother's day gift from Woods, a deck of Wild Cards by Author Linda Runyon.
Picked them up @ a gun for $7 and I gotta say this gift made me pretty happy.
I've been wanting to learn more about identifying, preparing, and eating wild foods. While we have a few excellent books in our urban homestead library such as the Peterson Field Guides Edible Wild Plants, these handy dandy little deck of cards I'll actually use. There are laminated so I can touch them with dirty hands. Small enough to take with. Included was a chain so I won't misplace one or two or three of the playing cards.
One side has a picture of the plant, it's common name, & Latin name along with a more detailed drawing showing flower & leaf pattern. There's also a map that shows growing areas in North America.
The back of the card lists alias, cautions, edible as in which portion of the plant, characteristics, uses, and hints.
I also got a bouquet of pink roses for my kitchen table.

~~ pelenaka ~~