Wednesday, August 12, 2009

on the road

I'm blogging from Erie, Pennsylvania @ Barns & Noble while my daughters use their b-day gift cards. We're on our way back to the New York coming from Cleveland so we stopped off here in Erie to take advantage of the tax free shopping. Go potty. Buy Gas. Sit in a/c 'cause my Aveo is air less.
Bought DD#2 running shoes @ Penny's using a promotion coupon for $10. I had promised it to my gfbb since I was told their Dad bought shoes in Houston for them. Don't ask what he bought but it wasn't what was needed. I'll offer here the next coupon that is mailed out. I get like 3 a month it seems. Quite a bit since I only shopped in a Penny's store 4 times last year. 3 shopping excursions were for running shoes. One was for me. I scored a $300 wool lawyers coat for $49. As hubby is fond of saying I really look like I could talk my way outta the big house in that coat.
Total spent was $39 for running sneakers. Now she's all set for her v.j. cross country.
Then we hit this book store so they both could use their gift cards. Again no tax here in PA.
Personally I wouldn't make the 3 hour drive here to shop since well I mostly barter for visit tag sales for our clothing needs. But it worked out since we were in the area.

So here I sit wishing that I had some great photos to share about our experience earlier @ Lehman's in Kiddron, Ohio. But alas I'm technically challenged.
The pics are on my cell phone. Wasn't planning on the side trip to Lehman's and didn't pack the digital camera. Anyone wanna email me directions on how to accomplish this task?
Daughter's have made their selections. Will post soon.

oh the road again ...

~~ pelenaka ~~
who has as a top ten topic #4-being married means you can sleep on long road trips.