Sunday, May 15, 2011

Violet Jelly

One of my many Spring activities has been to generate plants for the plant sale I will be having in June.
As you can see I've collected a large number of Violets from the side yard which is shady and moist.
I potted them in 2" plastic pots that I'd been collecting for a few years. I must have over well over 25 or 30. Whatever doesn't sell I'll use as a ground cover next to the foundation.Years ago I had a bed of Strawberries that did fair but now the landscape has changed with trees that give more shade in the side yard which greatly decreased my harvest.
The other pots to the far right are Swiss Chard. One or two 5" pots of Purple Cone Flowers and a few pots of Forget - Me - Nots.
Out of view is Yellow Wax Beans.
In the foreground is Marigolds that didn't sprout.

I was also planning on making Violet Jelly both with these and others that are growing in areas around my hood. But after checking my handy dandy Wild Edible Food Cards I'm not so sure. Apparently only Common Violets are edible.
Quick swagbucks search lead me to several websites that agreed.
Unfortunately I can't find a pic of a Wild Violet to compare. I'm pretty sure what I have growing in my yard is the common variety but still I'm uneasy.

Wish my ex was nearby for a quick taste test.

I'm really confused about telling the two types of Violets apart.
I really wanted to make up a few batches of jelly for both myself & gift giving. I'm trying to be a good girl and get a head start my making my holiday gifts, 223 days left til Christmas.

I can tell this wild food foraging isn't gonna be easy.

~~ pelenaka ~~