Sunday, April 10, 2011


Tin of Meat in this case Spam for medium to long range food storage if it lasts that long. Made children swear that they won't pop open a can. K, to those of u who are making a face @ the thought of SPAM on your plate all I can say is the we enjoy it fried up with scrambled eggs. It's also very packable and needs no refrigeration until opened well even after it's open because there won't be any left to refrigerate.
I've had SPAM $1 off 3 coupons for over a month waiting on a good sale. Finally CVS had tins for $2.50 each, I actually had $6.50 in quarterly bonus bucks = 3 tins free & 1 @ $2.50.
Went back four days later since I had another bonus buck and coupon bought 3 tins = 1 @ 50¢, two @ $2.50.
BTW SPAM if you didn't already know stands for Specially Processed American Meats, just ask any WW2 vet.

~~ pelenaka ~~