Monday, August 27, 2007

Growing what we eat one ingredient @ a time

A Winter's supply of celery growing in a raised bed 2' wide by 6' long. There are also some volunteer tomato plants growing in the far back portion. Not sure what type don't remember ever planting this variety - pale round yellow almost beefsteak like. Of course could be something that popped up from scavenged compost ingredients from a local restaurant.
The celery will be dehydrated and stored in jelly jars vacuum sealed closed to be used in soups and stews this winter.
In earlier growing seasons this bed has housed zucchini, salad greens, pickling cucumbers, and paste tomatoes.
The cinder blocks and pavers were a great free find years ago at my city dump.

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato ... Four

The two big buckets just in front of our wood pile are potatoes grown using the barrel method. The purplish barrel is something DH had around before we got married. The green barrel is an old plastic trash can cut down that was found curb shopping. There are two more full sized trash cans planted with spuds in the back 40 (feet that is not acres).
Unfortunately I lost my planting sheet that holds such valuable information as species, date planted, and cost of seeds/seedlings. So if memory serves me correctly then there are Red Pontiac and something with a starting with a K planted in each.
Perhaps I am more than just spatially challenged ?
Directly in front is yarrow that I bought from a church sale, then an old cracked crock filled with marigolds and then my Mother's Day Gift a pink clematis.

Look up ...

One of the many stratgeries of an urban farmer is go to vertical. Vertical as in gardening in hanging pots or using a trellis. Sometimes the back of a neighbor's garage or fence. This is my first year growing lemon cucumbers. Worth a do over but still perfer a good tart and tangy green cuke.