Thursday, February 2, 2012

Re-Stock of the Pantry Shelves

Once every two weeks I head out with a gf to the wilds of suburbia.
Sometimes we stop @ a discount clearing store where prices are decent or sometimes down right great.
A few weeks ago that was that case of RTRPMIMP or right time/right place/money in my pocket.

Here's what I bought geared toward our whole grain diabetic diet -

Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain Wild & Brown Rice 1 lb. 11 oz. - $4 per bag. Bought 3 bags.
Down the street Wegman's had it for over $7 a bag.

Capatriti 100% Pure Olive Oil - 34 oz. $4.80 Expiration date 12/19/2013.
Not really sure I thought I bought two but I could only find one in the cellar.
Ghost has been acting up lately after a 3 or 4 year hiatus.
Only not made in America purchase.

Carnation Evaporated Milk - 12 oz. cans - 59¢ each. Bought 4 mainly to use in pumpkin pie recipe.
An alternative is to use filtered H2O and cup & half of powdered low-fat milk.
If you use powdered milk then decrease the cornstarch, flour, or tapioca flour (thickening agent) to just one tablespoon. The canned milk will be used in pies that I barter out.
Label proudly reads Made in America!

Kraft Mayonnaise - 30 oz. jar @ $3.50 bought one to tide us over until I can score an Amazon deal.  

Nevella Baking Blend - 9.7 oz (label says = 5 lbs. sugar) @ $3.50, bought 5 bags.
An off brand similar to Splenda.
Before I hear about this purchase, yes I wish I could grow & process or be able to afford to buy Stevia but right now I can't.
And now that I am a grinding fool with my White Winter Wheat I've been baking more.
Bag reads - Caremel, IN.

~~ pelenaka ~~