Saturday, October 4, 2008


Got a windfall of Persian Limes from a friend who got them from a friend who originally got them from a food ministry who got them from a local mega mart. While the temptation to cut, squeeze, strain, and salt the nearest goblet in preparation of traveling to Margaritaville was great I made the decision to opt for long term storage. Future hopes of Lime curd and marinades for chicken won out. Directions posted from a query to HomesteadingToday forum provided directions based on a Ball Canning book.
2 lbs. of Limes gave me a quart and oh about a fourth of a pint of fresh Lime juice. Utilized half jelly jars for the containers since I doubt I'll need more than a few ounces at a time.
Lime juice retails for $4.39 a quart.
Limes were free, lids & jars were a B-day gift, energy to can also free.
Nonelectric food processor (knife & 1930 glass juicer).
While it can be said that canning up a few pounds of Limes was a waste of time I prefer to look at it as expanding my urban homesteading preservation mindset.
Sharpening my skills.
Besides I'm a type A personality.
Couldn't let a few Limes slip past me now could I ?
~~ pelenaka ~~