Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tarp Blue

Ghetto Slip & Slide just add dish soap and a helmet.
 The lovely view out of my up stairs bathroom window. On a bright & sunny day the tarp blue glow, smoothing and shall I dare say tranquil reflects off the walls of my bath ... yeah what a load of  ... this is the twin of my house which sits about 12 feet away with it's newly tarpped roof.
Apparently a bank owned home can be tarpped without repercussions.
No certified love letters speaking of fines & confinement in the big house. Oh no sweet salutations from the code man for those people.
Poor bastards.

For me a common homeowner I just work two jobs and continue to interview roofers. Hopefully I'll have til late October to earn enough.

Wouldn't a tarp camouflaged roof be the bomb baby ?

I'm gonna need a helmet.

~~ pelenaka ~~


  1. Hmmm...good friend of mine spent a lot of her hard-earned money for a blue metal roof. She did not want to buy another roof as long as she lived. Only metal roof in her suburb; everyone else has ashphalt shingles.

    I think it looks nice and she made a good decision. Now her place is a landmark of sorts; "You know, that house with the blue roof".

    Oh, yes. Glad to see you are hanging in there. Had not seen post for a while.

  2. Lol, your comment hit the nail on the head so to speak. Hubby & I have been having a go around. He says asphalt shingles I say metal. I so don't want to be doing "this" in 50 years.
    Still no luck with roofers seems that when their flush with work they don't give written estimates or call backs.

  3. Pelenaka, thinking of you and your family with Sandy bearing down. Hope you and yours are buttoned up tight and your roof holds! Keep us posted when you can!

  4. We're still out here. Have not seen you on for a while, so hope things are ok.


  5. Pelenaka!! Where are you at? I miss your blogging!

  6. Would love to read an update on y'all! :)

  7. I was wondering where you are too...

  8. Just this time discovered your website. Like it? Very much so. But where are you?


Thanks, good to know there are other's with this interest