Thursday, June 21, 2012

French Connection

Checking out the Make  Magazine website for an outrageously awesome gardening idea for those of us who are spacial challenged. A design team from Paris, yeah as in France, came up with a tilt in tilt out window box holder thingy. I could so see just about all of a couples fancy salad green supplied with one or two of these holders utilizing succession planting.
If you haven't ever been on Make's site or picked up a copy of the very thick mag that plays more like a book I encourage you to do so. Usually I hang under the Home Garden section although I do enjoy checking out the electronic hacks even if it projects are way over my head.

I see a DIY project in hubbies future, lol. 


  1. You mean hubby has not yet seen Make? Maybe just hide it if you want to see him for more than a few minutes a day.

    Definitely do not clue him in to the Make site, or the Instructables site. Welders from microwave transformers, pics of shops, organizers, all sorts of neat stuff to keep him in trouble. Or you, for that matter.

  2. Oh he's seen it problem seems as of late not enough hours in the day.


Thanks, good to know there are other's with this interest