Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Almost a pound

Sink full - these are the tomatoes that were grown by the gf who had bartered pork for tomato seedlings last Spring.  Hodge podge of what was ready to pick that morning, including Cherokee Purple & Howard German. The third variety floating in the sink is a hybrid canning tomato she bought @ a local nursery. 
Her garden receives all day sun like no body's business.
I have garden envy. 

Proof is in on the scale a 12.8 oz. Howard German Canning Tomato.
Dry & meaty but a bit bland. I would mix this variety with a stronger tomato tasting one such as San Marzano when making pasta sauce. 

I am on one hand very proud that she has already put in her seedling order for next spring not to mention that her neighbors have all asked her where she bought her tomato plants. One, a little old Italian gentleman asked for a tomato so his friend could seed save. He apparently was a bit taken aback when he was told that the large horn shaped tomato wasn't an Italian canning tomato. 
On the other hand seeing one grown to this size makes me realize I need to come up with a better plan or quit gardening in my backyard.  

~~ pelenaka ~~


  1. oh I'm glad to see you got tomatoes!!! :)

  2. No, it's her kitchen sink.
    My toms are still mini me.

  3. 16 Quarts and counting! Thanks to my friend pelenaka! More turning, come by again! Nellie!

  4. Your very welcome there Nellie.
    16 huh, I got 2 qta canned so far plus what I used fresh for a garden sauce. Making chili for dinner tonight so will use fresh toms.
    Stil very impressive there gf !


Thanks, good to know there are other's with this interest