Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Growing Groceries

Follow up to my post on growing money.
So far no real cash flow but allot of great bartering opps of grocery items that we need from barter friends.
Most current was yesterday when my gf the coupon queen stopped by for her plants. She picked out almost a flat of Strawberries, a 6" pot of Rhubarb, 6 - 2" pots of cucumbers, and 3 each of 2" pots heirloom tomatoes the beefsteak variety so Howard German, Cherokee Purple, & Valencia.
This is a pic of what I got in return minus a can of soup, & a small bag of dark chocolate.
The shaving cream is for the girls of the homestead it is after all Summer now.

Good for coffee as I was running low. I haven't saved up enough swag bucks to make an amazon purchase but if I can get coffee by bartering then I'll of course use the "free money" for other items.

Bounty from a plant barter yesterday; coffee,pistachio, clam chowder soups,saving cream, & spam.

Locally grown & butchered pork; mild Italian ground sauage, bacon, ham steaks.

This barter haul earlier in the week was from an old coworker who has decided to plant her garden this year. Last year she choose not to because her house was on the market.
Last Fall she ordered half a pig. The butcher offered her the other half @ a discount because the original buyer's check bounced. What's missing is a small pork roast that cooked up in the crock pot the day we did the exchange.
She accepted 3 - 2" pots of each of the heirloom varieties I grew, & 6 cucumber seedlings. While I was over at her house her Mom stopped by & I got two yellow pepper seedlings & two zucchini seedlings.

Last week I also bartered tomato plants & Shasta Daises for farm fresh eggs.

Next Friday planning on carting what ever is left of the seedlings along with an assortment of potted perennials like Purple Cone Flower to a gf who is having a yard sale. I would like to recoup the cost of potting soil, organic bone meal, & if possible have a small stash for seed buying in this Fall when packets are discounted.

~~ pelenaka ~~


  1. LOVE IT! You are the Queen of Bartering!

  2. I am so encouraged by your bartering. We need to see if we can broaden our bartering skills, especially since we have produce in the garden I know I will never eat, and Hubby will only eat occasionally.

  3. Thank you Lynda, I try, geez how I try.

    Marti, my bartering started small & sparingly. I am of the mind (no comment my husband) that every little bit helps. What are u offering up for barter ?

  4. Nicely done pelenaka.
    I thought of you the other day when I was reading online where some guy claimed he was making thousands every year selling plants from his driveway.Of course he wanted to sell his how-to program.

  5. ROFLMAO ... that must be some driveway huh.
    Truth be told if I was gonna do that amount of volume I'd need an ag permit & inspection.
    So what's his plan selling 4 ?
    I'm scheduled to go over to da coupon queen's place tomarrow as she's having a yard sale. Hopefully I can unload plants as the gas bill is over due.
    How the heck have u been ?

  6. Hey Doll, I enjoy bartering with you and hope to continue as our seasons grow. Enjoy your eggs!

  7. Thank you and same to u. The eggs are the bomb baby, they make an awesome scrambled eggs.


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