Saturday, June 25, 2011

Plant Sale Update

Here's the latest update on my plant sale - $64.
This includes the first $12 I made @ a gf's yard sale selling to strangers, then the $20 purchase from my gf. Followed by a dollar purchase to a woman waking down the street. She only wanted one Cherokee Purple Tomato plant.
Yesterday I made a whopping $7 selling Sundrop Primrose and one Purple Cone flower.
Today I sold more Sundrops, one Red Raspberry for $5, three 1 1/2" pots of English Ivy from a neighbor's front yard, and more tomato plants along with a few melons for a total of $19.

Still have about a dozen tomato plants that really needed to go in the ground a week ago but tomorrow after church I'm heading out to our church sponsored garden to plant them. Harvests are donated to members of our congregation as well as area food banks.

$5 worth of Pepper plants

Yesterday my bbgf (barter buddy girlfriend) gave me a shout out from a not so local nursery on her cell. She had stopped in to see what was what.
Veggie plants were deeply discounted well actually just peppers & collard greens.
Did I want her to pick me up some.
Yes, what are my choices ?  I have proceeds from my plant sale burning a hole in my pocket.

Got some Yellow & Green Bell along a few others. Placed the flat in my greenhouse to stay warm. It's 61 degrees, dark  and gloomy rain on & off all day.

So far I have $59 in cash, pork in the freezer, canned goods on the shelf and digging rights to a few gardens for new to me plants.

Makes me wish I had thought this plant sale out better. 
  1. Start seeds earlier so then I could sell earlier in the Spring. I heard allot of, " I've already put my plants in but I guess I could find room for one more". And one is all they bought.
  2. Offer more cucumbers, although at the first sale no one needed cucumbers this weekend all I heard was got any cukes?
  3. Plant what will be grown in an urban/suburban environment by most gardeners - melons were a stretch for most who don't do vertical gardening. The few that I did sell went to rural gardens.
  4. Perennials - bring potted plants such as the Purple Cone Flowers either indoors or in to the greenhouse in March so they will be in bloom in time for the sale. People were really attracted to the plants that had blooms (duh!).  
  5. Offer an info sheet on plant purchases. Most people who bought my plants didn't know what they were buying just that they had seen those purple flowers in the side yard last year and wanted that.
  6. Offer subscription sales to the friends who bought or bartered seedlings.
  7. Collect feed back.
~~ pelenaka ~~


    1. Not bad for a 1st time plant sale! My mom & I have thought about having a plant sale as well, since we're always growing more plants than we have room for! Great tips too!

    2. Thanks, and u should so have a plant sale maybe even garden classes geared toward your style of cooking.

    3. I think you're doing great for starting late. This gives you a head start on next year too. Now you know what to do first and what to avoid. You can make a better profit by working out the kinks this year. This is a good thing!! I'm glad for you!

    4. Thanks, I agree selling especially is always a learning expirence.


    Thanks, good to know there are other's with this interest