Friday, June 24, 2011

Mirror Mirror in my Garden

It doesn't get anymore ghetto techno Amish than this.
I've been gathering up Mylar bags from food products like nacho chips that we eat & potato chips that neighbor's eat to fashion this garden mirror in the hopes of reflecting badly needed sunlight into my garden. Working my way along the outside wall of the garage to the front.

Extremely low/no cost since I already had the staple gun and the bags are  free.

Another alternative is to collect mirrors that have been put out to the curb on trash night. Or go  to yard sales. Or snag a few of those reflective car dash covers when you see them cheap.

That's one of our 2 peach trees to the left of our 1920's garage or shed by today's standards. I have no idea what's holding it up other than the paint job I gave it 8 years ago after the Code Guy sent me a letter. It was in all honesty looking really trashy. So I bought the cheapest paint I could find @ Mr. Seconds , scraped for a few days then had the children have at it. Back in the day when they thought home repair was cool.

Woodsrunner, put the gutter system on a few years ago and of course hooked up a rain barrel.
That's a slightly cracked crock pot insert inverted on top. I normally plant it with white & red Petunia but I'm not so much into flowers this gardening season unless I can profit.
It's all about veggies, stocking the pantry this year ... or bartering & selling plants.

~~ pelenaka ~~


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