Monday, June 13, 2011

Making Green

Quick update on my efforts to generate a limited cash flow growing money.
If I'm just counting coin & not the barter goods I made from my plants then I made $32.
Sold $12 @ yard sale that I piggy backed on to which was held @ my gf's the coupon queen front yard. Her home is on a busy city corner so I was hoping to I'd get enough foot traffic to sell out.

Did enjoy hanging out, meeting new people in her neighborhood & catching up with fellow urbanites that I hadn't seen in a while. I also sat on her front porch playing online games for swagbucks        (free groceries) and perhaps got a referral by emailing one of the ladies who was shopping @ the yard sale. She was interested when I told her that I got free food of of Amazon and really perked up when I mentioned that Amazon also sells diapers. She was holding a 9 month old who was all boy.

Sold $20 worth of veggie plants to a gf which will go to buy rabbit feed. I think there might even be a Tractor Supply coupon/discount going on for 20%.
Every little bit helps as the price of feed has gone up this past year.

Here's what I spent for gardening 2011 - $9 for organic bone meal, and discounted French Marigolds. $3.25 for a pack of seeds (yeah I know pricey huh read my growing money post & u'll see why) and 3 big bags of potting soil which were $3.50 each ... Let say an even $25 and I still need to buy a another flat of marigolds for bug control.

Best case scenario is that I break even and start this years garden with a clean slate no debt.
That every tomato & green bean or cucumber is pure profit. 
But then again I'm already ahead if I count in the bartering (groceries) I got from bartering plants.

Thank you God, I'll stop complaining now.

~~ pelenaka ~~


  1. I'm always trying to figure out how to make the garden and the chickens *pay*. The grandkids and I have a produce stand, I manage a Farmers Market, and we sell eggs. We make a bit of $$$ and pay for all of our feed and seeds. Last year my main *investments* were fencing and canning jars...this year the fencing was paid for with last year's butternut squash sales and I don't need to spend anymore $$$ on we just might make a chunk of change. You are right, tho...the price of feed is getting way up there.

  2. Hey pelenaka,here's the website I mentioned about the guy selling plants in his driveway.
    His site might make for a good review.I know nothing about this guy or his program,I'm not affiliated in any way.


  3. Lynda, I couldn't imagine buying feed for a flock. I'm thinking about not keeping a rabbit meat trio or at least taking a break from having them. But then I think what if. What if rabbit is the only meat source that we can afford or that is viable.
    Don't ya just love it when a homestead item like fencing are pay for by another homesteading item like the squash!

    Groundhogll, I'll check out that link thanks.
    Maybe he is on to sumting huh.

  4. Your marigolds, if you let them go to seed, should produce a HUGE amount of seeds. These will provide you with more than enough plants for the next season, and also allow you to make some seed packets/starter pots for bartering.

  5. Johnny, I can honestly say that in all the years I have been gardening I have never had volunteer marigolds sprout. I must be cursed.


Thanks, good to know there are other's with this interest