Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rochester Stove Works - H. Bush

Sorry for not having a pic to go with this entry. I have the perfect one - a page from a 1847 City Directory from Rochester, New York, an advertisement for Henry Bush & Robert Harding's company Rochester Stove Works. Unfortunately it's in PDF & I'm pretty lame when it comes to jumping formats.
So here is the gist of the story behind that little parlor stove
I bought @ an auction -
Henry Bush of 228 Buffalo Street now West Main/Chili (chi-lie) Ave. shows up in the Daily American City Directory in 1844 as does his partner Robert Harding of 21 Kent Street. Occupations listed are stove makers.
Both vanish from the city directories around 1851.
Their company warehouse was on 34 Exchange with the foundry listed as Buffalo St. near the Genesee Valley Canal (Barge or Erie?).

Imagine that this parlor stove is in the neighborhood of 150 plus years old.
No cracks no holes.

Special thanks to Nell the librarian who put me on the right path.

~~ pelenaka ~~

07/18/2009 Co-Oppertative Foundry Rochester New York - unable to provide a pic but I ran across another small parlor stove stamped with Co-Oppertative Foundry. Simular design. May see if the Genesee Country Museum is interested in displaying my little stove since using it is a big no no.

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  1. I still remember the potbellied stove that my grandmother had in her tiny cottage when we were young. My father replaced it with a gas burner after she moved in with my aunt, and he was pretty much taking care of the cottage for the family. Someone took the potbellied stove and threw it under my aunt's house, and years later, I found it there. It was not good for anything but a planter by then, rusted and ruined, but I planted some zinnias in it, right outside my grandmother's window. She told me once that she had so many lovely memories of the cottage, and warming herself on that stove, and the tea kettle on top screaming to come get it off. I'm glad I dragged it out for her, so she could cherish those memories, and her favorite flowers.


Thanks, good to know there are other's with this interest