Tuesday, June 10, 2008

H. Bush, Rochester, New York

I have an addiction to stoves. Antique wood stoves to be exact. It was simple enough starting with my 1949 Hotpoint double oven ... just one hit ... don't inhale ...
Look where it has lead me.
First my 1900 laundry stove used for canning now this parlor stove possible circa 1850's. It's in awfully good shape with no holes or cracks. More than likely 1870's. Love the ridges.
Can't seem to find anything about a H. Bush Foundry in Rochester, New York online.
Stats; estimated weight is around 50 lbs. per DH, top is 11" wide x 20" long, stands 25",
flue is 4 1/2 ". The legs are removeable slide into brackets & are quite ornate.
To answer every one's question no my 1902 TOH has no remaining chimnies. All 3 - one in kitchen, front room/foyer, & up stairs bedroom were removed in the '30's replaced with radiator heating then with a forced air furnance.
But it does still have one of those bump outs that accommodate a stove pipe in that bedroom.
Or wouldn't a stove in the bathroom be the bomb on those cold Buffalo Winters?
I really should stay outta auction barns.
I may need an intervention.
Bring ladders & class B stove pipe. We'll do a Techno-Amish barn raising. I'll make New York style cheese cake & serve cordials.

~~ pelenaka ~~


  1. Lovely find!! I'm thinking the bathroom is where it wants to be. ;)

  2. It whipers to me when ever I pass it on the porch ... ultimate homesteader's spa treatment.

    Thinking that it will look real cute with a few candles lite in it until I can get it installed.

  3. That is a beautiful stove !


Thanks, good to know there are other's with this interest