Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Murphy's Law

Every Nightingale needs a lamp & coffee grinder 

If you have been a long time reader of my blog then you "heard" me mention how I try not to let the gods know I have dead presidents (federal tax return) least the hot water heater starts peeing like a drunk behind the dumpster of the corner club or the car needs a new battery.

Wait for it ... the car did need a new battery because of a short in the wiring. Woods fixed that but we lost the clock & radio.
No hardship there because in this pinch we just use my solar emergency weather radio  on the dash.

Next came a bearing job rod thingy followed by a wheel alignment followed by car insurance note. The money order went out to the great insurance fund in the sky. Our only chariot has been sitting idle in the driveway, transportation needs fulfilled by bicycle, shoe leather express, or carro de publica. No problema it's Spring and we need to burn off the Winter fat.

Then the mother of all creature comforts only overshadowed by indoor plumbing, broke.
In one tenth of a millisecond by the flip of a switch we lost power in roughly 70% of our house. One moment we were all sitting in my new old parlor watching the telly then we weren't. Woodrunner had gotten up to snag a snack from the kitchen and on flipping the switch set into motion yet another M. L. E. (Murphy's Law event) this Spring.

The second story of MOH (my old house) went black along with two of the first floor rooms; the living room & downstairs bedroom. NP, we are preppers we just pulled out some battery operated L.E.D. lanterns then ran an electrical cord to the t.v. Finished watching the movie because it was due back @ the library the next day. By the third day of no power we went old school pulling out Wood's oil lamps.
The upside is that none of the vital outlets that supply the Westinghouse or chest freezer were affected. Oh yeah wait for it ... $3 savings on the electrical bill so far.

So the plan for now is to take a chill pill yeah I wrote it, take a few to regroup. We're working the  bartering angle for electrical work. So far no takers.

No hurry.
We have heat & plenty of lamps; battery, solar, & oil.
Most importantly I have a means to grind & brew coffee.
I might even invite Mr. Murphy in for a cup.

~~ pelenaka ~~


  1. I just love you attitude! I have always enjoyed the power going out...we're pretty well prepared...when the kids were little I'd unplug the TV for weeks at a time...those were the best of times. Now that my kids have kids of their own they tell me they do the same thing!

    1. Thank you & how have you been ? Enjoying the new grandbaby I bet. Don't ya just love how family traditions grow?

      I know I wouldn't be half as calm as I am about these hiccups if it weren't because we are prepared or rather try to be.

  2. Pelenaka, been there! I could write a book on car travails. Your pep and can-do attitude make all the difference. Prayers going up for electrical work bartering! I remember long ago trading housecleaning for car repairs via Craigslist. Your brain and creativity are your greatest assets.

    1. Thank you, Lord knows I've had my share of Flintstone cars so this little blip on the radar is nutt'ng.
      Awesomne job on bartering! My daughter just traded light mechanical car repairs for having her tax returns prepared.

    2. Wanted to add your right about attitude without it & prayer a person is lost.

  3. Good Heavens, you have been going through it!

    I do love your attitude and I think you are setting a good example for those of us who may not be quite as prepared as you are.

    Hang in there and hugs for y'all from Atlanta.

  4. Thanks some days I can use all the hugs I can get !

  5. Well, good you are in an area where you can use bicycle and foot. Country and city each have their advantages.

    Odd that you have an outage in part of your house. I had a case where there was power at the meter, and where it went into the house, but nothing on the other side of the wall. Ended up the old wire had corroded away all the years. Maybe a rodent had helped it along by eating the insulation. Anyway, replace the feed and the house is happy again.


  6. I loved this blog post, I can absolutely relate to the mysterious way tax money evaporates when you are able to live frugally the rest of the year it just seems to disappear when we get it thanks to Little odds and ends needing replacing, new tires, some other unplanned emergencies then you wonder how it disappeared so fast and what you did wrong. Mostly I try to remind myself that the fact that it doesn't occur when I am without extra cash flow is a divine intervention. PS I love the nursing reference in the pic.

    1. K, misery loves company then some comfort in knowing that it just isn't us, lol.


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