Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Devil Knocks You Down

And God picks you up.

Friday was one of those days that makes you glad your higher power had your back, and that being a preparedness minded individual is worth all that effort.

Friday @ 0600 I got a call from the in laws that Woodsrunner's 94 y.o. grandmother was in a hospital in Rochester. By 9:30 he was on the road headed north. By 10:30 he was broke down on the side of the thruway. We had let AAA lapse since neither of us was leaving city limits on any regular basis. Unfortunately as anyone who has ever been in a financial jam knows if it can break it will, so despite doing our do diligence with our little car's routine maintaince the devil choose his best opportunity to to give a big shove.

Quick phone call to me (I happen to be in Rochester well Webster area working as a chauffeur ) I remind him there's the emergency bucket in the cargo area. Bucket has items such hand warmers, urinal, first air kit, water, snacks, and road flares. There's also a few fleece blankets in the back seat. He ended up not needing it but we both agreed it's good to know that it's there.

By 11 he'd made his way limping along to a garage - $270. Wait for it ... part needed not available til Monday. At that moment he said he did feel a hot breath on the back of his neck.

Then God steps in.
By Noon I'm headed back toward Buffalo and as I just come up to THE exit he rings me for a pick up. I'm two minutes away and my employer is delighted she's help in this drama. After a quick prayer over our car all three of us our on our way. Hubby shares the back seat with her but thankfully no one mentions the bad hair day that makes me resemble Morgan Freeman.

Within a few hours I've finished my gig, we've rented a car their last one for their cheapest rate - and are again traveling to Roc City.

Then about an hour after being in the hospital with one of the sweetest ladies I have ever known I get a phone call from BPD. Your daughter has been hit by a car while on her bike. She's in the ER.
Two phone calls later one to the ER for a status update - waiting on us to sign her out no injuries just sore and yes they did find the index card inside her coat with medical info (a prepardness thing).
By the second call out to start a prayer chain I've start to breath easier.

We're waiting on the final police report but per Po Po it seemed to be both driver & bicyclist's fault. He mentioned that she was in the crosswalk when the car struck her. I'm not sure what that really means. Thankfully this occurred @ an intersection where the car had been @ a stop (debatable) instead of traveling along the city street. I was assured that texting wasn't in play here.

Daughter is more receptive to bicycle lightening. Both of are looking into some unique alternatives in addition to head & tail lights for our bikes. She was wearing heavy mittens & her Winter parka which kept her from having road rash but if it was Summer she would have been bare handed & in a t-shit and shorts. Looking into options for riding gloves.

~~ pelenaka ~~


  1. Way to stay strong!( and prepared)... glad your daughter is OK, that is so scarey when you are not there right away....

  2. I just about had a heart attack when you got to the part about the phone call from the police that your daughter had been hit by a car. What a day you had!

    Obviously, preparedness pays off. Thanks for the ideas.

    Get well wishes to your hubby's grandmother.

  3. Oh my!! What a day you and yours have had. So glad DD is unharmed. I hear you....cars always break down when you can least afford it. You definately exhibit grace under pressure!

  4. Thank you everyone, thankfully every thing is back to norm. Hubby has since taken the car out on the thruway with no issues & daughter has even shopped on amazon for bike lights.
    Grandmother has improved enough to have lines removed and been out of bed for a few hours @ a time.
    How about some post concerning urban homesteading ... enough of this drama, lol.

  5. Webster huh? I thought I felt you in the area...LOL.. Glad DD is ok and that the car has been fixed...doesn't it always seem that things happen in a bundle? Job loss, family sick, car troubles, accident...good thing we serve an
    Awesome, All powerful God

  6. Yes it is! Ah good I wasn't sure if you saw me wave as I drove down the 590.

  7. Oh Wow! What an eventful day! God sure does cover those who love him. :) He sure had His hands all over your family that day! What a testimony!

  8. Whew! What a day you had! Thankfully, your daughter and grandmother are ok. Now to manage expensive car repairs. They are the worst. And like you say, always happen when you can't afford them.

  9. This is one of those posts that keeps folks on pins and needles. Yes, God is good and alls well that ends well.

  10. Oh my goodness!!! What an insane day! I am glad that your DD is safe and Grandma is recovering. My the Lord continue to watch over you and bless you in 2012!

    thanks for stopping by my lil blog too!


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