Friday, October 28, 2011

Occupy This

I try not to get political on my blog but with the recent Occupy Wall Street Protests both in NYC & Buffalo , I just wanted to write that before you look @ corporate America take a good look in the mirror. Walmart wouldn't exist if we the consumer didn't patronize their supercenters. 

Recently a journalist made a comment about my husband's place of employment & how that the store closing was just another example of corporate greed. I am touched @ his sediment but if he & other's would buy/support American made products then my husband would be gainfully employed @ his given profession instead of depending his livelihood on retail.


Transplanted Rainbow Chard & Marigolds for bug control into our cobbled together cold frame 
We had our first hard frost of the Autumn last night a chilly 29 degrees in the backyard. Earlier in the day there was wet snow flurries that thankfully didn't stick. Wet slushy snow is heavy and with tress still half their leaves the weight on branches makes for some interesting times a.k.a  Friday the 13th Snow Storm here in Buffalo.

I transplanted what was left of Rainbow Chard that I started from seed, that was in another raised bed. Not a real fav of our's in salads but it is hearty in cooler temps. I'm hoping that this cold frame receives allot of sun this Winter so I can plant it with fancy salad greens (any suggestions?) which I can grow, beef not so much. 
Doing this was also very therapeutic for me the whole I'm not gonna be a victim of our own personal economic crisis. For hubby it has been tracking down quality firewood. 

I also saute chard for adding in tomato sauce along with other veggies I have on hand. Toss with whole wheat pasta makes for a good meal as long as hubby doesn't start humming the song on top of old smokey all covered with cheese I lost my poor meatball ...

If I can work a barter deal for Swiss Cheese then I'll make up some quiches.

This is my latest amazon purchase using gift cards I earned on - tweleve 16 oz. bottes of Kraft Three Cheese Ranch dressing & dip which worked out to $1.58 per container or $9.49 per 6 bottles. I also ordered a personal prep tool to round the entire purchase out to a bit over $25 so it qualified for free shipping.
I'll blog about in in the next week or so after I've tackled the learning curve.

Found in the manager's special section of amazon great dealslisted as only two in stock (expires 12Jan2012). Like with any shopping experience one has to be on the look out ready & able to snatch a great deal.
Stilltasty lists it as good for 12 to 18 mos. past the labeled manufacture date.
I think I can grow enough fancy salad greens to use all 12 bottles up before next year. Who knows I might figure a way to grow chicken wings in a raised bed.

ETA: called Kraft read off the bar code according to the rep the salad dressing I bought was made in America.

~~ pelenaka ~~


  1. Pelenaka, a few years ago my then twelve year old son asked for a 'only made in America' month. We didn't buy really brought home how much of what we use in our daily lives is made elswhere!

    Heavy snow here in southern Vermont and more expected tomorrow. I will be battening down the hatches (frugally) of course :)

    Like your Amazon buys, I definately need to check them out more often. Keep up the good work!

  2. Couldn't agree on how difficult it is to buy American even if money isn't a concern.
    What a wonderfully social responsible young man your son is.

    Stay warm I think we are all in for a strong Winter.

  3. When you order computers from the manufacturers, they all come from China. I don't know if it is possible to find any that are actually made here.

    The types of things we buy are for computers or our alternative energy system and they almost all come from other countries. Just try to find dog treats that come from the US! Some will say "distributed by whatever company" without saying where they are made.

    I bought some boxes of the Kraft salad dressings from Amazon too. I got some good deals!

  4. Yes, it can be almost next to impossible to verify where a product was made, it not always within our grasps to buy American but well worth the effort if we can pull it off.
    So family & myself is really enjoying the salad dressing. Makes a nice dip for wings.


Thanks, good to know there are other's with this interest