Thursday, August 4, 2011

Swagbucks - Free Coffee Creamer

The coffee creamer I ordered off of Amazon came this morning none too soon as I was starting what would be my second day without coffee. No creamer no coffee for this Senora. I had such a big smile on my face the UPS guy told me it must not be work related when he handed me my delivery.
What's not to love I told him you bring me free groceries!

Expiration date on the Coffee Mate Creamers is April 2013 so I'm not really gonna bother with marking on each one the extended expiration date (4/2015) from the website  because I use it so quickly.
Now of course I wish I had ordered another 12 containers the Amazon deal worked out to $1.07 each with a subscribe & save (free shipping) and a promo code that has since expired.
I have a while before I've scheduled my next delivery in February to search for another promotional code (think coupon).
Gotta say that I'm loving Amazon shopping. No paper coupons to clip, no biking to the store, no reworking my schedule to have the car for the day just to go grocery shopping. No hanging out @ the service desk to get a rain check because the shelf was empty because EVERYONE got that great deal on creamer or peanut butter.

First cup of the day, my morning coffee with my free creamer & Stevia that I grew myself.
And yes my cup is one of those big coffee house mugs which in reality holds a bit over two fill cups.
And yes, after this cup I have one more = almost 5 cups for me.

~~ pelenaka ~~


  1. Way to go!! That is a great deal! And FREE with Swagbucks makes it even better!! WOOT!

  2. Thanks Pam6, I know it's great huh free groceries delivered.
    Swag on woman Swag on!

  3. Thanks She Chef, how's life in your part of the world ?

  4. Way to go pelenaka.I'm a coffee snob also.I like my liquid vanilla creamer.When I really want to splurge,I also put in a little Irish cream.

  5. Lol, yeah fake creamer is one of (for me @ least) life's little pleasures.

    How've u been ?


Thanks, good to know there are other's with this interest