Friday, May 20, 2011


Apparently the gods realized I have moolah because everything on the homestead is breaking.
It started a few days ago and is gaining speed.
  1. My oven died. And of course one only realizes it when one is ready to bake - in this case a two loaves of rye bread (still have 1/2 pound of Easter ham) and a few pies.
  2. I broke my lap top. don't ask I don't want to talk 'bout it. Suffice to say that apparently I can't fix everything. Hubby's net book has a virus that he can't fix so he's seeking professional help (we'll both be offline for a while). 
  3. My bicycle has a flat.
I don't no which to cry over first.
My circa 1949 Hot Point or the fact that I won't have access to the world and all that wonderful knowledge. Or that there's no fresh baked rye bread.
Or that in about another month & half I'll be broke. That what is left of income tax money will after paying the car insurance, co-pay for daughters wisdom tooth extraction (she vetoed a home procedure), and the down payment for her orthodontics, the cushion that I've been using to keep the homestead afloat will be gone.
Time to be gainfully employed.

On the backside the other half of my Amazon order came - 12 jars of Fisher brand creamy peanut butter, 28 oz. each. Expiration date is 07/07/11 but according to that website I wrote about in my last post the peanut butter is good for another 2 years - 2013.
12 jars is pretty much a year's worth stocked for free via swagbucks
I'm looking at buying a bulk order powdered milk next. Followed by tuna, then hmm what else can't we produce nor live without ? Coffee, creamer, mayo ...what other shelf stable items would u buy with free money ?
Yeah say it with me ... canning lids.

Spent yesterday in the backyard potting up seedlings for both our use and my upcoming plant sale. I also hope to have enough for bartering opps. Just as I was washing up to get ready to pick Violets for jelly it rained again.
I won't complain because the few inches in my cellar is nothing to complain about when u think about all the flooding tasking place down south.
This weekend is suppose to be dry so besides doing laundry (clothes line) I'll be working outside.
I might have a line on permission to forage for plants on a few city lots.
I also need to cobble together a solar oven. I picked Rhubarb from the garden and coupled it with a can of crushed pineapple out of the pantry. Gonna try and bake a pie using solar.

Pray that I can pay the computer guy in pie err pray that I can build a decent solar oven so I can offer pies.
Geez I need a hankie.
Did I mention my bike has a flat ?

~~ pelenaka ~~


  1. Wow! Did you run over a nun on your bike or something? Hang in there, things will turn around for you.

    Rhubarb and crushed pineapple pie? I want a piece!

    By the way, your monthly grocery store totals just put me in complete and bewildered awe of your mad shopping and food management skills. You rule!

  2. Yikes, sucks when that happens! These things never seem to happen at convenient times. Of course, there never is a convenient time for things to break...

    Here's hoping some awesome unexpected deal falls in your lap.

  3. Thank you Grace been a long time since anyone told me I rule. Must be they all have finally realized it.

    Chili, thanks for the good karma I need it. I'm having a hard time explaining why I have been on sabatical for two years. I just may invent a new baby to justify my unemployment.

  4. Pelenaka, you are an inspiration. Seriously.

    Re: computer- ever thought about asking for one on craigslist/freecycle for free? So many people who upgrade and don't know what to do with the old one.

    Bike flat is really easy to fix! Should not take longer than an hour.

    No idea about the oven- that's a tough one... freecycle again? BBQ a lot???

    Hang in there. You are amazing

  5. Thank you, forest.
    I am flattered. Good to know that my methods are of some benfit to others.

    Hubby is the man of the day as he was able to fix his netbook so we offically online.

    I'll wait until I run into a few dead presidents to get my lap top fixed.

    Actually, we're BBQ tonight I found pork in the back of the freezer.

    Bike tire will be fixed tomarrow.


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